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★★★★ Thoughtful and charming and entirely surprising… Ablett is a natural storyteller.

Spy in the Stalls

Spoken word and giant live-knitting tell the story of the relatives lost in a Jewish family’s journey from Praszka to Liverpool.


Award-winning writer-actor Sophie Ablett delivers this poignantly relevant solo piece: in this year of unravelling and recovery, how do we mend gaps in the fabric?


she seeks out wool was developed for the Fringe Futures Festival at The Pleasance. It was programmed at Manchester Jewish Museum as part of Tsitsit Festival before being selected for an onward development grant by The Pleasance and funding from Arts Council England.

It is touring through September, dates and tickets below.

9th & 10th September @ Unravel Festival - tickets here
16th September @ Bedales - tickets here
17th September @ The Lighthouse, Poole - tickets here

Warm, emotive and engaging... this is something you shouldn't miss.

Knitting Magazine Issue 229

The most moving and beautiful performance I have seen in a very long time.

Yarn Addicts of Manchester

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