The Pleasance Downstairs
27th January 2022


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Writer-Actor          -    Sophie Ablett

Director                  -    Mamoru Takano            

Set Designer         -    Beth Colley        

Sound Designer   -    Ellie Isherwood    

Spoken word and large-scale live knitting weave this story of generations of women, from Praszka to Liverpool, whose hands all danced the dance of knit one purl one.


In this year of rebuilding, unravelling and starting to rebuild again, it’s a practice that has lessons for us all. What does it mean to create something stitch by stitch? What does it mean to mend mistakes in the pattern? What does it mean to be close-knit?

This production was developed for the Fringe Futures Festival at The Pleasance before showing at the Manchester Jewish Museum as part of Tsitsit Festival. It was selected for a development grant by The Pleasance and is also a recipient of an Arts Council grant.

If you have any thoughts or questions, we'd love for you to get in touch here!

Special thanks to Molly Ahearne and Ana Sanchez.



‘One to watch’ (The Independent). Award-winning actor-writer Sophie Ablett trained at École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Her performance work includes: West End debut as the lead in THE RAILWAY CHILDREN; TV/Film debut in Ridley Scott / Tom Hardy’s TABOO (BBC1/ FX); Secret Cinema / Netflix Presents: STRANGER THINGS; THE TREEHOUSE for which she won Best Actress [Ediplay International Film Fest; Vegas Movie Awards]. Her spoken word work includes: UN HeForShe Fundraiser; Rebel Fest; The Big Red Poetry Tour with Errant Stage & Helsinki Poetry Connection. Her production company, Rabbit & Rooster, launched her debut spoken word short at: FilmBath; Feminista Film; International Video Poetry Fest; ARTSxSDGS Fest. It went on to win Best Spoken Word / Poetry awards at Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest and Down East Flick Fest. In her most recent project, she co-wrote, produced and starred in proof of concept pilot, LIFELINE, in association with Atlantic Screen Productions.