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Meet Girl and Gorilla.

They live, handcuffed, in a world of patriarchal gaze.

Girl is shaved.

Gorilla is hairy.

This is a problem.

One which they can't solve easily.

Blending absurdist comedy, spoken word, games, gorilla facts and new writing, this show is experimental in form and activist in message.


Kindly supported by Arts Council England.

"The experimental piece is jam-packed with quirky ideas... sizzles with energy and is a relevant, punchy piece of theatre" ★★★★ (Underdog Reviews)

“Clown-like playfulness and infectious energy” ★★★★ (Spy In The Stalls) 

"it is a cleverly crafted and beautifully enacted piece... every word, action and visual image is thought through and has a purpose; the timing is precise; and the onstage rapport between the two actors is great. It is satisfying to see a young company with such a sound grasp of dramaturgy.... Most importantly of all, it is entertaining. Yes, feminism can be fun!" (Total Theatre)

Performed at Brighton Fringe Festival, The Warren: Theatre Box & Calm Down, Dear Festival, Camden People's Theatre, May-June 2019

Read the supporting article on Run Riot here.

Read the supporting blog post on Camden People's Theatre Blog here.




Alice Square.jpg

We gave her a different name to us.

I don't know why we chose Alice.

We wanted something English.

The first production in the UK to explore Azerbaijani-British identity, Alice is an arresting solo play questioning the power of creating our own personal myths to define who we are.

Alice is written and performed by Emily Renée (Yesterday dir. Danny Boyle; Endeavour ITV; Victoria ITV) and presented by Klein Blue (Are There Female Gorillas?,  ★★★★  Spy in the Stalls, Brighton Fringe Festival, Camden People’s Theatre Calm Down, Dear Festival) with direction and dramaturgy from Tamar Saphra (Resident Director, Almeida Theatre).

"Renée writes a powerful show and offers an engrossing performance." ★★★★ (Broadway World)

“a story like this could not come at a more appropriate time. This is how to have a peaceful and meaningful conversation about identity, the kind that is actually helpful in the process of bringing change.” (The Play's The Thing UK) 

Performed at VAULT Festival, February-March 2020

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